7 Sight Foundation

Charitable Eye Care

7 Sight Foundation is a charitable eye hospital in Delhi, India providing comprehensive eye care services to the community. We work to ensure access to quality eye care services to all, regardless of their financial status. Our services include eye exams, diagnosis, treatments, and surgeries.

Our Services

Eye Health Clinic

Eye Health Clinic

Offers complete eye care services including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye diseases and vision problems
Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery

Provides specialised and advanced eye surgery, including cataract surgery under Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Eye Care Education

Eye Care Education

Teaching individuals about taking care of their eyes and the importance of preventative eye care.

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Eye Donation Awareness

Educating communities about the importance of eye donation. Our team provides information on how individuals can pledge their eyes to help restore vision for those in need.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in 7 Sight Foundation. We strive to provide quality eye care to those in need. If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please fill out the form and one of our team members will be in touch. Thank you for your support!

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About Us

7 Sight Foundation is a charitable eye hospital in Delhi, India that provides high-quality, affordable, and accessible eye care to those in need. We provide a full range of services, from preventive care and screenings to surgical treatments. Our team of experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by vision loss.

At 7 Sight Foundation, we believe in providing quality care to all. We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming healthcare provider. We accept insurance, as well as provide discounts for those without. We also accept donations to help us continue in our mission. Our doors are open and we are excited to serve the community.

Join us in our mission to ensure that everyone can see clearly and live life to the fullest!